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The Perfect Time SHP Experience

There are five steps involved with working with Perfect Time SHP.

Step 1:

Visionary or Solo Author participates in a 15-minute complimentary Discovery Video Session to share the project, gain clarity on the process, and ask questions.

Click HERE to schedule your Discovery  Video Session!

Step 2:

Choose your Publishing Package (Packages will be reviewed during Discovery Session), and confirm the desired date of the book release.



Step 3:

Receive, sign, and return your Author/Publishing Agreement with Perfect Time SHP, Coaching, Consulting, and Book Publishing Firm.


Step 4:

Submit Bios and Professional high-resolution 

photographs of all authors to begin book pre-promotion.

Submit Draft Manuscripts (first and second draft)

Step 5:

Submit the final manuscript, begin Pre-Order Campaign, begin Best-Seller Campaign 




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