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Laurie G. Curtis

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About Laurie G. Curtis

Laurie Curtis is a mother, friend, leader, speaker, coach, and encourager.  She is a quiet force who speaks out loud, in an effort to motivate, and share wisdom and lessons learned, when life presents us with difficult moments.

After the death of her husband, and faced with raising her two children, her daughter with special needs, Laurie had a choice to make. She could either throw in the towel, or acknowledge the situation for what it was, and move forward. Laurie did what she has done all her life. With her family and faith at the forefront of her mind, she made the decision to focus on her children and dealt with them one day at a time.


It is Laurie’s hope that in sharing her story and the lessons learned; people will see that regardless of what life throws at you, you have the strength, fortitude, and ultimately the choice in how you deal with it!


Residing in Maryland, Laurie is currently working on her first book with the intention of continuing to share her message of strength, hope, and the power of shifting your mindset when faced with difficult times. The biggest lesson Laurie has learned is that Life is not always fair. It’s not personal, it is what it is!

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